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Let's Talk About Batching!

"You create a month's worth of posts in one day?" This is one question I get often and when I answer, "Yes!" I get the feeling that people don't always believe me. 😂 Batching allows you to achieve flow state. Here is the definition of Flow: In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Flow allows you to be incredibly productive, and honestly? It feels so nice! But here's the thing: Yes, I sit down to create all my content in one afternoon -but in reality I have made content creation a part of my life-style. I am ALWAYS looking for opportunities to snap a picture or learn new information that can later convert into content. Here are 4 tips from my personal experience I have for someone who is looking to batch: 1. Take pictures whenever you see a good opportunity:

If you know a good opportunity is going to come up, then take a minute to do your makeup and pack your camera. Then, once you've snapped the picture, carry on with your day and save the image for later. You can pull out those images, edit them, and lump them into your content creation easily and quickly when you sit down to create content.

Love my desk? I got it here. chair. ipad case. fiddle leaf fig tree. laptop stand. 2. Keep a list of ideas:

This sounds simple and maybe obvious, but the key is MAKING yourself write things down. I keep a notepad on my phone full of ideas. Whenever a good content idea pops in my head. I write it down RIGHT then. If I'm driving, I tell Siri to make the note for me. If I'm working, I take a 2 second pause. It's that easy! Then, when I sit down to create my content, I have a list of maybe 10 or more ideas that I can work off of so I'm not starting with a blank slate.

Love my desk? I got it here. wood computer stand. phone case. coffee warmer. lotion 3. Plan!:

Ok, duh? Right? But hear me out. Really and truly plan when you are going to create your content. Make sure that if you have kiddos, you are doing this at a time when they will be asleep for a long time OR they are grandmas, school, or with dad. Don't even try to batch when you have other things going on, it doesn't work like that.

chair. ipad case. fiddle leaf fig tree. laptop stand.

4. Put your blinders on: Be honest with yourself. Do you put your blinders on 100%? If not, I challenge you to do these things when you sit down to write your content. ↠ Put your phone on airplane mode AND for over achievers: delete the Instagram App and reinstall after you are done working. ↠ Isolate yourself. Make sure you have noise cancelling headphones (I love these ones) or go somewhere you know will be quiet with no distractions. The library is an amazing (and free) option. ↠ Take a minute before you start working to address ALL of your needs. Grab some water, go to the bathroom, eat a snack, get comfy, etc. Don't give yourself excuses to get distracted. ↠ Then WORK with your blinders on. Don't answer the door bell, don't look at your phone except for content-creation related reasons, and don't stop working.

5. Do brain sprints: Ok so now you are ALL ready to go. I want you to run a little marathon now (hypothetically speaking, of course). Set a timer for 30 or 40 minutes and PUSH. Don't stop working. This will help you achieve your flow. When the timer goes off, DON'T leave, don't check your phone. Just give yourself a mental break for 2 or 3 minutes. Take deep breaths, take a sip of water (that's sitting right next to you 😉 ), then set your timer and go again! Does it sound a little extreme? Maybe. But it works and you will be SO productive.

Yes, you can create content in one day! And doing this will free up your time for the rest of the month to focus on what you LOVE doing. Need some extra guidance for you content creation? My friend Crystal with Crystal Clear Photography and I have put together a Photography and Content Creation kit to help you plan your entire QUARTER! That is, until the end of the 2019 year! Click the link for more info: Keep going, Mama! You are doing great!